About us

Our policy

1. Dress Code

No Jeans, sportswear or trainers, The management reserve the right to refuse admission. Dress to impress. Come on it’s a party put some effort in and you might even appear in our photo gallery.

2. Membership cards and registration.

i) Registering on this site notifies us of your intent to become a TFFC member; however site registration does not mean membership or discounted entrance fees until you have received your membership card and can present it at the door.

ii) Lost, damaged or stolen cards can be replaced; we reserve the right to charge and administration fee of £5 for each replacement card.

iii) Membership cards are for the sole use of the member who has signed the reverse of the card and may not under any circumstances be transferred to 3rd parties.

iv) Membership is non transferable and we will cancel or remove any membership which is found to be in breach of this rule.

v) You are not permitted under any circumstances to lend, share, rent or hire membership cards to 3rd parties. Any member found to be in breach of this rule will have their membership revoked and be charged the full admission price plus the cost of membership (£15 + £10 = £25).

vi) Repeated abuse of the membership system will result in a ban from TFFC.

vii) Membership cards remain the property of TFFC at all times, on cancellation of the membership by either party the card must be returned to us within a reasonable time (2 months of cancellation of membership) will incur fee’s of £25.

viii) Membership cards must be signed in order to be considered valid. Unsigned cards will be confiscated and you will be charged a lost card fee for its return.

ix) Members are offered reduced price to enter. You can only receive this discount if you are already a member and have received your membership card confirming this. You must present your membership card at the door in order to receive your discount. No Card, No discount. Membership Fee is £10. You can only obtain membership from The First Friday Club by signing up on the night. We do not sign up members at any other events or sites.
x Cost of membership is £10, there is no discount on this price.  Please pay at the door or via our online payment system.  We make a small charge for paying online to process this transaction.

3. Group Parties Policy

Birthday parties to be booked in advance to qualify for concessionary pricing. Have your party at our party. Let us do all the hard work.

If it’s your Birthday book your birthday party package in advance with Rohan or Blake and get in for FREE!

Terms and conditions (Please READ):

Open to TFFC members only
Eligibility period for the birthday package: Your birthday must be a week prior to the event, the week of the event and the week after the event.
Non-members please contact Rohan or Blake for alternative birthday deals

Celebrating a work promotion? Having a hen night or stag night, or a special get together? Then book your party at The TFFC party.

For more Info, Party Bookings & Guest-List:
Email: info@thefirstfriday.co.uk
Call:  0207 248 3330

 4. Cloakroom Policy

All coats to be left in the cloakroom. Items left in the cloakroom are at own risk, however should anything go missing we will involve the police immediately.

 5. Door Policy.

A mandatory, polite search will be carried out by our security, BEFORE entry will be granted to the club. Items may be confiscated or removed from you if they are considered a hazard. We will return these items at the end of the evening. Illegal items or those suspected to be will be confiscated, permanently. Confiscated items will be handed over to the Police for further investigation. We have to do it, it’s for your safety and ours. Please don’t bring anything to the club you wouldn’t be happy to take to your Mums.

6. General Policy

Be polite and friendly to your fellow TFFC party guests. It’s a Rave, reach out to your left and shake hands with someone new. Now reach out to your right and do the same. Say Hi to new faces and old friends.

7. Discount Policy

From time to time we will offer discounts for other associated events or from other promoters, venues or restaurants. These will require the presentation of a signed membership card in order to receive the discount at the begriming of the transaction.

8. Advertisement/Sponsorship Policy

If you are a business owner we will offer you discounts on advertising in our newsletters and other customised promotions. Got something you want to show off? Got something you want to share? Are you up and coming? Showcase your talent at our event.